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About Panacea Corps

Our MISSION is to create and build one Centralized System for the sole purpose of educating the public on the history and legacy of Africans, Enslaved Africans and their Descendants. Our VISION is to serve as the Authority on Educational Tools, vetted Resources & Research, as well as Communications for providing knowledge as stated in our Mission. To provide this in a Virtual Library System, with Brick and Mortar locations wherever enough actual historic documents and artifacts are gathered. To further provide Virtual 3D walk through abilities with brick & Mortar Locations through IP Cameras, available to the public.

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Download and complete the volunteer registration form to become a volunteer with Panacea Corps. You can also complete the registration form online here.
Learn more about available volunteer positions in your location.
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Official PCOCS Forum

Panacea Corps is the centralized for educating our community. Visit our forum to discuss African heritage, history, news, events, and more.

Contribute to History

BP-Slides-educator was created and put into practice because there were no other resources found on line that provided accredited Black History information. As collaborations of writers and users across the internet join in building the most accurate and compete the world’s first free-content Black African American encyclopedia on the internet about Black African American people and Black African American history.

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